Score Big with These Game Day Kitchen Features

Score Big with These Gameday Kitchen Features

Getting ready for this year's Big Game? From the stainless steel in the kitchen to the pop-up outlet in the kitchen island, check out these Clayton kitchen features that make entertaining easy!

Game day is the best day, am I right? It's all about piling as many people as you can into your home to eat, yell, argue and cheer as you watch your team (hopefully!) pull off the big win!

But if you've hosted the big game day party, you know that you need the best players in your corner to get everything done. And no, we're not talking about football players, we are talking about the real MVPs: kitchen features.

Here are the best features that will give you home field advantage for this year's big game:

The Fuel Station

Manufactured home kitchen with large island, shiplap backsplash, bar stools and pendant lights The Island Breeze Model

Unless you want mustard and BBQ sauce spilled all over your carpet (eye roll), you're going to want a central location for snacks and treats during game time. So, pile all those game day favorites on an amazing kitchen island. That way, you won't have to watch the slow-motion disaster of chips and beer flying everywhere when the ref throws a yellow flag on your team.

A Game Changing Sink The Clayton Anniversary 2.1 Model

Party = Dishes. That's just how it goes unfortunately. Have no fear though. The gorgeous farm style sink is the perfect assistant coach to keep it all together. Whether you choose the gooseneck or traditional faucet, this deep open sink will contain all those dirty plates until the aspirin kicks in tomorrow morning!

Keeping it Cool

Light and bright manufactured home kitchen with coffered ceilings, island, and stainless steel features The Super 68 Model

If you've hosted an event before, you know as well as I do how quickly it can heat up. With the stove blazing, the oven cranked up for those chicken wings and dozens of yelling football fans crowded into your home, it gets toasty really fast. Lots of Clayton homes offer gorgeous doors in the kitchen that you can swing open to let that cold February air cool things off!

Halftime Refresher

Manufactured home kitchen island featuring pop up multi outlet The Independence 19 Model

Game day social media posting is a sporting event on its own! This means by halftime, it's time for a battery refresher! It's a good thing you're the host of the century with a pop-up outlet right in your kitchen island. Oh yes, you're that good.

Ready, Steady, Stainless

Large manufactured home kitchen with white cabinets, oversized stainless steel fridge, and colored subway tile The St. Croix Model by Norris

You've got veggie dip, you've got queso, you've got three kinds of chicken wings, you've got 2 24-packs of your favorite sodas and beer. But do you know what you don't have? A storage problem. Because you opted to deck out your Clayton Built® kitchen with an oversized stainless steel fridge and freezer combo. Oh yeah, you're crushing it.

Cheers to the Winner!

Manufactured home kitchen with large island featuring a lattice wine rack 3338 Heritage Model by Schult

My favorite part of the big game? The end. Not because I don't love the game, but because there's nothing sweeter than toasting to your team's big victory. So take advantage of that wine rack and break out a special bottle of your favorite spirit, because it's time to toast to sweet, sweet victory! (Or drown the sorrows of your defeat).

The Ultimate Locker Room The Clayton Lulamae

It's where you start the game and where you end the game. It's where you get pumped up. It's where you find concessions, refreshments, hydration and first aid. It's the be-all, end-all sidekick to the living room, I mean playing field. It's your dream kitchen. And it should hands down win the MVP award.

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