Energy Efficient Building Materials in Clayton Homes

Green and Energy Efficient Building Materials Used in New Clayton Homes

Learn how we incorporate green home design into our new Clayton manufactured homes with low voc paint, eco friendly and green building materials and more!

You can find eco-friendly and energy efficient building materials in new homes we build at Clayton. We already use a building process that is efficient, but the products going into our homes matter, too.

The building materials used at each Clayton building facility can vary, but some of our home building facilities offer green building materials and products in new homes such as:

  • LED lighting (an optional upgrade)
  • ENERGY STAR® certified shingles (an optional upgrade)
  • ENERGY STAR certified appliances (an optional upgrade)
  • Low VOC and Zero VOC paints from Vista Paint
  • TruWood® trim and accents

Why are green building materials important?

Choosing products that promote sustainable home building is important to us because we want to use resources responsibly and minimize our impact on the environment. By using an efficient building process in our climate controlled building facilities, as well as choosing green products and energy efficient products for our homes, we can reduce the environmental impact of new home construction.

Our efficient building process reduces the cost of home construction allowing us to pass savings on to home buyers across the country.

On top of that, ENERGY STAR certified products help homeowners continue to minimize energy usage as they enjoy their homes. Less energy usage at home means less impact on the environment and less money spent on utilities!

Why put LEDs in a manufactured home?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residential LED lightbulbs can use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lightbulbs!¹ Plus, residential LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.¹ That means fewer lightbulb purchases for you and fewer lightbulbs disposed in the trash as waste.

Have you ever noticed how warm you can get sitting close to a light? Well, another perk of LEDs is how little heat they release. Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat.¹ Cooler LED lightbulbs are safer to the touch and won’t impact your interior temperature as much.

ENERGY STAR certified products are independently certified as meeting specific federal standards for energy efficiency. By offering ENERGY STAR certified appliance options in new Clayton Built® homes, we help home buyers use less energy and save more money.

For instance, according to ENERGY.GOV, refrigerators that have earned the ENERGY STAR can use up to 15% less energy than non-qualified models.² And if you choose an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher, the dishwasher will use 4.25 gallons of water per cycle or less.² Talk about savings on your water costs and the energy used to heat the water!


Then there’s ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers. An ENERGY STAR certified washer uses 20% less energy to wash clothes than standard washing machines.³ They also use up to 35% less water than standard washers.³ When you choose a clothes dryer that has earned the ENERGY STAR, it will use up to 20% less energy than a conventional model according to the ENERGY STAR EnergyGuide label.³

Why choose low VOC or no VOC paint?

VOCs are volatile organic compounds emitted as gases from certain products. Paints with no or low VOC, also labeled as zero VOC, are a great choice for home buyers and homeowners because VOCs in paint are solvents that are released into the air as paint dries.

Many low VOC or no VOC paints are water-based paint products. Paints used in one of our Golden West building facilities are actually acrylic based paints from Vista Paint.

These sustainable mobile home paints are used for both the exterior and interior of homes at the Golden West building facility. They are all water-based paints with low VOC or no VOC and have been LEED® certified.

What’s TruWood® trim?

One of our building facilities in Oregon uses TruWood® exterior trim and accents on select new homes. This trim is made from residual wood fibers and is made with sustainable practices that are certified as being harvested from a responsibly managed forest.

Using these environmentally friendly products and materials where available in select new Clayton homes helps homeowners have peace of mind when it comes to the environmental impact of their new home.

It can even help homeowners save money on utility costs and makes for great selling points if a homeowner ever intends to sell their Clayton home!

Building affordable, beautiful homes is our specialty, but we try to integrate energy efficient and eco-friendly building products as well to take care of the earth and help homeowners who have energy efficiency in mind.

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