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Lois Bradley's Clayton Homes Story: Affordable and Accessible

When Lois Bradley needed to move into comfortable, accessible housing, a Marlette manufactured home turned out to be the perfect fit!

Lois Bradley’s story is a prime example of why manufactured homes are a fabulous housing solution for anyone! Her son was helping her look for an age-friendly home solution, but retirement communities in the area were not cost friendly and other options just didn’t suit her.

When Bradley found a home built by Marlette at a local home retailer, she knew it was the home for her.

Lois Bradley’s son, ROC USA President Paul Bradley, writes at ROC’s blog:

"My mom will soon be living on a single-floor in a home that she can age in much more successfully and comfortably. It’s bright and affordable. Her heating bills will be more than halved and her tax bill cut by two-thirds. She’s happy, which makes me happy. 

I believe in manufactured housing for my mom. 

I believe in manufactured housing, period."

Nicole's Family Experience

Although not a Clayton Built® home, my own grandparents live in a prefabricated home that they set on a foundation on the side of a hill so they could build a basement level.

They used both floors for years, but over time, they have come to use just the ground floor.

Because of the home’s wonderful design, the bathroom, kitchen and key living areas are all still accessible to them on a single floor, and they can age comfortably in their home.

Open floor plans designed for lifestyle changes, incredible affordability and timeless features make manufactured homes a great housing solution for anyone!

Why settle for less when just like Lois Bradley, you can get a durable, beautiful home that you love for a great price?

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