The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash For Your Style

Picking the perfect kitchen backsplash for your manufactured home isn't hard, so you can easily find an option for your family's style!

Your kitchen backsplash says a lot about you and your family's style. Although there are lots of options for your backsplash, you can essentially break them up into a few categories that will achieve the look you're going for!

The Lodge Dweller

Rustic wall art, reclaimed wood furniture and sliding barn doors. If that style sounds familiar, then you love your country lifestyle and the simple charm of rustic decor. You need a textured and warm backsplash with a natural look to match the rest of your home.

Stone Backsplash: The organic lines, texture and differing tones pair well with the rest of your home's decor and cabin feel that you crave.

Kitchen with wooden cabinets, range hood and stone backsplash.

Earth Tone Tile Backsplash: If stone seems a little too rustic, an elegant tile pattern with textured edges and earth tones will give you the same effect but create more of a lodge feel.

The Reformed Hippie

You like things to be a little funky, have pops of color and have uneven lines, but you don'twant things to get out of hand. If this describes you, then your house says "I'm classy, but I have fun." Your home features lots of unique patterns, colors and styles, but it all comes together neatly.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash: This is where random and alternating colors meet clean lines and flat texture for subtle styling that people can't look away from.

32LBT32644AH13 KitchenaDetail 01

Monochromatic Bright Colored Tile Backsplash: Although flat textured with clean lines, this backsplash brightens the room with an uncommon color that speaks without crazy lines or loud color patterns.

The Minimalist

You like things to look simple, clean and straight out of a lifestyle blog. If this is your style, you regularly consult Instagram for styling tips. You like dark countertops and open shelving instead of cabinets.

White Subway Tile Backsplash: This is it. There is no second option. The flat, clean lines with perfect geometry stand as a blank slate for your cool wood and copper kitchen items to stand out.

45TFC28563DH16 Kitchen 02

The Traditionalist

You're always on the hunt for a beautiful antiques furniture, classic style appliances and appreciate style that last through the ages. When you get done looking for an antique farm table, you may be looking for a timeless backsplash that will endure through all trends.

French Country Kitchen Backsplash: This encompasses a lot of options, but they all include tile in simple tones and elegant patterns to complement your traditional style.

54INT32663AM Kitchen-GasRange 01

Kitchen backsplashes are both practical and a beautiful way to add pops of color or your own personal style to your kitchen, so you can make it perfect for you! Ready to learn about more of the beautiful features available in our homes? Check out more of our posts on Clayton Studio!

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