Innovations in Off-site Built Housing

Clayton off-site built housing has come a long way in the past 60 years! Check out our home innovations over the years and how much our industry has changed.

In the past 60 years we have witnessed a boom in innovation. From cars that practically park themselves to smart phones that can take videos better than most cameras to being able to watch live sports in 3D, there are many available today that we never would have dreamed of 60 years ago.

A section of a modern style 3D printed manufactured home. 3D Printed Home

Almost all of these technological innovations have contributed to helping us live a better life and simplify most tasks.

Where Clayton Has Come

Clayton Homes has been in the industry for over 60 years! During the past 60 years, we have definitely “kept up with the times” and grown our business exponentially.

We’ve gone from one home center in Knoxville, Tennessee, to hundreds of home centers across America and have been able to help thousands of families find their dream homes.

An excited couple unpacking items as they move into their manufactured home.

Where Clayton Has Been

We always look back at our storied history at Clayton, but we look even more so into the bright future. Things have changed so much since we opened our doors in 1956, and we can’t wait to see how much they change over the next 60 years.

Check out The Story of the Modern Prefab Home to see the evolution of off-site built housing from the early 1900s to now.

Archived photo of a vintage mobile home.

The Pursuit of a Dream

When Clayton Homes first opened, our goal was to provide housing to people seeking the American dream. During this time, it was hard finding a long term job and staying put in one place for a while.

Some people decided to go through the frustrations of searching for a new home every couple of years when the demands of a job required your family to move. Others decided to go a different route. They decided instead of having to find a home each time they needed to move they would take their homes with them.

Built on a mobile steel chassis, early off-site built homes were easily relocatable. People loved the convenience of not needing to search for a home each time they moved, and so off-site built homes became the new trend in housing.

The exterior of a gorgeous manufactured home with a 2 car garage, stone accents and beautiful landscaping.

Today's Clayton Prefab Homes

Modern day Clayton Built® homes have changed so much, both internally and externally. Now, not only do you get multiple options of what you want from exterior siding to interior flooring, you also get hundreds of ways to customize your prefab home. Trends in off-site built housing include luxurious materials, built-in storage options and energy efficiency.

Whether you want to add a theater room for entertainment or keyless entry to your home for added security, there are hundreds of upgrades that can be added to most of our homes to help you create your dream home.

An in-home theater in a manufactured home complete with large leather theater seats. *The Lloyd model by Cavalier*

We’ve also followed the advancement of technology giving you the option to add built-in power strips into countertops or even a tablet mount that lets you control everything from your thermostat to your automated blinds.

We’ve taken prefab homes, both manufactured and modular, into the future and hope to keep taking it further. Even in the past 15 years, trends in off-site built homes have changed drastically, meaning higher quality building methods and materials.

If you would like to find out more info on the innovations in Clayton prefab homes, visit our website or visit your local home center.

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