How to Make Your Own Man Cave

Den of a manufactured home featuring leather couches and rustic decor, with dark ceiling beams, ceiling fan and TV accent wall with electric fireplace.

Every guy out there has his own interests and hobbies, which is why we’re giving you handy tips to easily create a man cave that’s perfect for whatever it is he’s into.

Most people would agree that one of the best parts about owning a home is being able to completely personalize it. You’re free to decorate in any style you want and, if you’re up for it, tackle a variety of do it yourself or home improvement projects to really turn your space into the perfect retreat.

One great way to add to that retreat feeling is by creating the popular, masculine sanctuary that’s know as a man cave. You see, at Clayton we think everyone should have a spot in their home where they can fully relax and enjoy themselves, and guys are no exception to this.

But you might think man caves are only meant for those with serious chainsaw skills, a lot of free time on their hands and a budget with room for tons of high-tech items. And sure, all of those things can make your space really awesome, but we want to give you 3 easy tips to help you create a man cave in basically one weekend (with minimal trips to the hardware store.)

Let’s check them out!

Living room of a manufactured home with wood wainscotting, tin-style accent wall and ceiling and TV shelf with a TV on it, with rustic decor.

1. Decide on a Space

The first step to creating your man cave is figuring out what type of room it’s going to be. And to do that, you’ll need to decide where in your home the man cave will be located. An extra bedroom, den or second living room can make a great man cave, especially if the room has walls separating it from the rest of your home. Or, maybe you’ve been looking for a reason to finally clear all that junk out of the garage, shed or covered porch and free up some space for a workbench. Even if you just have an unused area or nook, you can definitely turn that into a dedicated space for him.

Once you know where your man cave will be, think about its purpose. Need a home office that can double as a place for gaming or other hobbies? What about a home gym? And of course, there’s always the classic space that can include everything from a pool table or arcade games to a bar or even a home theater. Similar to a flex space, one of the best things about a man cave is how it can be customized for your specific needs and style.

Dark wood pool table with pool balls in bonus room with beige carpet and walls with framed prints on the walls and a large window.

2. Collect Your Items

Now comes the fun part: Gathering everything you need to transform your space into a man cave. And what’s great about this step is you probably have a lot of these items already around the house. You could also check with friends and family to see if they have any unwanted furniture pieces or look online to see what may be available in your neighborhood.

It’s also a good idea to set your budget at this point, whatever it might be. If you know you want a specific item or items you don’t have yet, like a desk, TV or workout equipment, you can plan your space around that. And don’t forget your man cave can grow over time if you find more items to add or if you want to change up your look.

Start by thinking big, beginning with seating. Can you use a couch or chairs you already have, maybe with the addition of a nice slipcover or new pillows to go with the style you’re looking for? What about any extra tables that could be repurposed into a desk or coffee table?

Once you know what larger pieces will be in your man cave, it’s time to fill in the details. (If you’ve been hiding sports memorabilia and band posters from those college days away in a box somewhere, this is great time to pull them out.)

Making a space for hobbies? You’ll probably want to make sure there’s plenty of lighting and storage, especially if there’s anything electronic involved (Trust me, I’m speaking from experience on this one). Creating that perfect home gym? Put down mats to help protect your floor, then add weights, a squat stand, a spot to store towels and anything else he might need.

Other great touches to consider including in a classic man cave are:

  • A mini fridge for drinks and snacks
  • A bar cart (Add a desktop humidor for a very classy touch)
  • Blackout curtains, a popcorn machine and projector for a theater
  • Shelving to display everything from family photographs to hunting or sports trophies
  • A music area with guitars, a sound system and records
  • A foosball, poker table or jukebox

Home theater room in a manufactured home with leather armchairs, wet bar and built-in entertainment center with a bookcase on each side of the TV.

3. Create Your Man Cave

The last part is putting everything together. If you do need any small home improvement projects like painting, hanging curtains or installing lighting, take care of those steps before you start moving in any furniture so you have enough room. You could also measure the dimensions of your room and draw it to scale on graph paper so you can plan what everything will look like ahead of time and see if you need to make any adjustments.

After you have the furniture where you want it (and don’t forget about a cool rug to really tie everything together), it’s time to start decorating with smaller items. Then, all that’s left to do is stock that mini fridge, sit back and enjoy!

Creating a man cave is a great way to really add a personal touch to your space. And if you want to see more ways to enjoy your home for the years to come, from getting ready for the holidays to organization and maintenance ideas, check out our Clayton Studio blog today.

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