How to Complete a Home Warranty Request

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Learn how to make a manufactured home warranty request.

Most manufactured and modular home warranties have the same warranty claim requirements; however, some warranties may vary by state. Talk to your home consultant about the warranty for your type of home and the state the home is located in.

Once you're in your manufactured or modular home, it is important to maintain your home so that it stays in the best possible condition. Paying attention to the condition of your home lets you enjoy and preserve its beauty for a lifetime. If you find something that requires repair in your home that is under warranty during the warranty period, you can request a warranty service call to schedule the repairs you need.

Who do I call to make a warranty request?

If you need to make a warranty request for your home, call your local home center from which you bought your home. Any of our friendly home consultants can gladly help you file the repair request you wish to make on your manufactured or modular home. Tell your home consultant the home repair that you need, and they will determine whether they may be able to schedule a service call for you depending on what the request is and the limits of your warranty. If your service request is an emergency, it will be filled in the timeliest manner possible.

Does my manufactured home have to be under warranty in order to complete a warranty request?

Yes, your home will have to be under warranty in order for your home center to set up a service call for you. Make sure to ask your home consultant about the exclusions from your new home warranty when you buy your home. If you have any questions, ask your knowledgeable home consultant to go over your manufactured home warranty with you.

How do I make a warranty request for an appliance in my home?

If your warranty request concerns an appliance, such as a dishwasher or oven, defects in installation as well as the appliance are covered under your limited one-year new home warranty that you receive for your home. Although your appliances are covered under your limited one-year warranty for your home, it will save you time to contact the appliance manufacturer directly regarding the warranty claim. The manufacturer of your appliance should have your warranty information on file. Review your warranty terms for your appliances with your home consultant to make sure you understand the limits of your warranty.

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