How Are Prefabricated Home Windows Built?

Our prefabricated home windows are built by our own supply chain. Check out how our windows are built!

Clayton Built® prefabricated home windows are built by our very own supply chain management system, Clayton Supply. Our windows facility builds manufactured home windows for our home building facilities across the country using an efficient, indoor process that includes individual stages for every step of the building process. This process allows our windows facility to produce about 1,600 – 2,000 windows a day!

About Our Manufactured Home Windows

manufactured home window facility

One of the stages of our prefabricated home building process is building and installing the windows. There are two facilities of Clayton Supply that act as our own personal prefabricated window manufacturers. This allows Clayton Supply to provide windows to our home building facilities, at a lower cost than if they purchased windows from a third party. This helps save our building facilities money on each home they build, and they can pass  those savings on to the home buyer.

All of our Clayton Built® manufactured home widows are built with the same materials as site built home windows, but are different because of their building process. Our windows can be double pane, single-hung, tilt-in sash windows. During the process of making these, Clayton Supply uses window materials such as vinyl, fiberglass and wood.

Are Clayton Built Windows Inspected?

mobile home window inspection

Yes! Our windows are inspected by our workers prior to being sealed to ensure that they were built to the correct thickness. As for the facility, it is inspected by a third-party inspector and certified once a year to ensure the window building facility is being run properly.

How Clayton Built® Windows are Constructed

Our windows are strategically built indoors on an assembly line so that each worker can focus on a specific station, just like how our homes are built. This helps us to streamline the process so that we can produce more quality windows for our home building facilities. First, the window frames are constructed in several steps and then the glass is added.

Each step of the building process takes about 20-25 minutes. Check out this step by step process of how manufactured home windows are built!

Step 1: Cut the outer frame

First, builders pull the raw materials they need based on the specific window order to cut the outer frame. To create an outer window frame, window builders must cut:

  • 1 window sill – the bottom of the window that has a deep pocket
  • 1 head – the top of the window that is a flat surface with no pockets or trough
  • And 2 jambs – the sides of the window that have a slight trough on one side

After gathering all the materials, window builders slide the materials through the saw machine until they touch the stop. Then, they press their foot down on a pedal to start the saw and cut all the proper pieces. In order to cut each piece to the proper length, a chart hangs at the station that has all of the proper dimensions for the order.

Step 2: Cut the sill in the mill machine

cutting window jambs

Next, the prefabricated windowsill is taken to the mill machine so that it can have edges cut that match the window jambs. Builders slide each end into the mill, one at a time to cut the edges.

Step 3: Add punches to the jambs and sill

punching jambs into a window

After the windowsill is run through the mill, punches are placed in each of the jambs. Punches are also added to the windowsill to create weep holes that allow moisture to drain out of the windows. All the punches are double checked and the balances are added.

Step 4: Frames are welded

Once the frame gets to the welder, they will check the balances and set the machine to the correct window size. The welders can weld up to four frames at a time at this station. After they are done with the frame, the welder slides it down a ramp to an operator in the cleaning area.

Step 5: Clean the window frame

clean window frame

Next an operator inspects the frame before putting it into a robotic cleaning machine. The frame is cleaned inside the machine as it rotates and cycles around the machine, then it it’s set aside for the meeting rail to be installed.

Step 6: Meeting rail installed

After being cleaned, the meeting rail is installed onto the frame, completing the frame of the window. The meeting rail, the center bar of the frame, should be approximately 1 inch shorter than the width of the window.

Step 7: Build the vent or sash

interior window frame

Before assembling the window, the vent (or sash) must be built. The sash of window holds the glass, and the framework around the sash, in place. The sash is built using the same process as the window frame.

Step 8: Add glass

manufactured home window frames

Now that the frame is finished, it’s time to add glass. Spacers go between the glass before it’s placed on a hanging belt that takes it down the glass line. Next, it goes through a grid machine that makes the grid according to the glass size. The grid machine uses a blade that is heated to 500 degrees that cuts the grid at a 45-degree angle.

Step 9: Glass goes through the oven

mobile home window process

Once both sides of glass are set, it’s sent through the oven which is set to about 500 degrees. After the glass has exited the oven, the end with the hole for the screws and glue is marked, then it’s placed on a rack. The glass must cool completely before using any argon gas or sealants.

Step 10: Assemble the glass in the frame

After each of the previous steps are completed, the glass is ready to be assembled in the frame. The glass is set, and then glazing beads are placed around the edges.

Step 11: Add final touches

It’s time to complete the window. This is done by installing the sash, locking the window, adding the correct labels on the glass and placing the window on the pallet to be shipped. A label is placed on each window with the details on the energy efficiency of the specific window. Our windows facility completes about 10 windows every 10-15 minutes.

energy efficient windows2

Building quality windows is essential to the overall home building process, and by doing it within our own company, we are able to help our home buyers save money! Since we build our own windows, we are also able to offer the window options that our home buyers want most.

prefabricated home window frames

You can learn more about Clayton window treatment options on our blog!

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