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Financing Tips to Help Kick Start Your Home Buying Journey

Trying to decide if you and your family are ready to buy a home is a big deal. Check out this awesome video to help you get started!

At Clayton, we understand that buying and financing a new home is a big deal, and we want to help you start out on the right track. This video will share some quick tips to help you begin your financing journey and help make the process as smooth as possible.

Quick Financing Tips

  1. Look over your monthly debt ratio. How much money do you have leftover each month after every bill is paid? Do you have enough left over for a manufactured home mortgage payment? Be sure you're ready to take on an extra monthly payment after you purchase a new home.
  2. Get prequalified for a loan amount with a manufactured home mortgage lender of your choice. This will help you to know which homes you can afford when you visit your local home center.
  3. Save up for a deposit toward a new home purchase. Savings for a deposit will help kick start your financing plan. You could even set a monthly savings goal to help you stay on track and get one step closer to a new home faster! 



Fact Sheet

Monthly Budget Sheet

Creating a budget is hard, and even harder to stick to. Get helpful savings tips and our free budget worksheet to help you get started!

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