Energy Efficiency Ideas For Manufactured Homes

The manufactured housing industry is making strides to preserve our world and create better, energy efficient homes!

 “Energy efficiency” is finally making the transition from a buzzword to a standard phrase in the American consumer’s vocabulary.

No longer is energy efficiency a nice perk when buying an appliance, but a necessity as folks try to be smarter and more responsible with both their money and our world’s natural resources.

The single family home stands as the largest consumer of energy. However, it's becoming the best place to build a better future for individual families and the world.

The manufactured home industry has evolved endlessly over the past half century. From addressing problems of workers relocating with work in the 40s to joining the effort to solve our generation’s energy crisis, the industry continues to adapt by making innovations in design, home building practices and now energy efficiency, both in the home and in the home building process!

Best blogging practices state that you shouldn’t spend time talking about your company. While we try to adhere to that advice, we still like to brag on things that we do really well.

Energy Efficient Home Construction

Energy efficiency in our home construction is one of those things I'm going to brag about. For instance, Clayton recently got ISO 14001 registered, which means that we build homes more efficiently and meet the International Organization for Standardization’s requirements for managing our environmental responsibilities. 

Energy Efficient Features in Your Home

We also care about energy efficiency within each home we build. If you’re interested in saving money and being a solution to the energy efficiency problem, you may find the Energy Smart Home Package intriguing.

Energy Smart Board

The Energy Smart Home Package is first and foremost a money saver. Perfectly engineered ducts and insulation keep the home’s comfortable air in and cold drafts out.

An Energy Smart Home is already fitted with special Low-E windows to trap internal heat for winter, guard against external heat in the summer and block a spectrum of UV rays from discoloring carpet and furniture.

Supported with these materials throughout the home, the core heating and cooling units are made for the exact dimensions of the homes, ensuring that the system is neither working too hard nor using too much energy.

Beyond this package’s frugality, an Energy Smart Home is in accord with your conscience. Inspected and crafted to the EPA’s third-party guidelines for energy efficiency, these homes preserve energy now to provide a better future for all of us by reducing emissions and conserving resources!

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