Easy Beach House Decorating for Your Home

Make your mobile or modular home a beach retreat with shells, anchors, sandy tones, blues and other great beach themed designs. Check out these nautical tips!

When it comes to holidays, decorating your home is easy. There's pumpkins for October, turkeys for November, and Christmas trees and menorahs for December. What about decorating for an entire season?

You may be wondering, how do you decorate for an entire season like summer? You incorporate a beach theme!

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This summer decorating trend is extremely popular in beach houses, but you don't have to be near an ocean or beach to give your home a beachy ambiance. This summer turn your home into a coastal getaway with these tricks.

Create Centerpieces

Give your home a beach house kitchen by creating a coastal centerpiece on the island.

Try placing conches and bay scallops around glass votive candle holders filled with sand. You can even go the extra mile and give your kitchen the smell of the ocean by putting a sea breeze scented candle in the holder on top of the sand.

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For the kitchen table, fill a small bowl with an assortment of shells. This same tip can be used for an indoor or outdoor table. Invite friends over for a seafood dinner party, and you'll really feel like you're at the beach.

Check out the simple and beautiful beach dining layout on the kitchen island of the Revolutions 76A by Giles.

46REV16763AH Giles Kitchen 02

Use Simple Vases

An office space needs to remain clean and uncluttered, but that doesn't mean you can't throw in some summer décor. Even a small desk space holds potential for beachy vibes.

A go-to when decorating for a season is to use large glass vases to hold trinkets. This summer, fill these glass vases with sand and fake starfish. Even the rope handles on vases can add the perfect touch.

Paint with Beachy Wall Colors

If you're fully committed to giving your home an island theme, the world is your oyster, and the opportunities are endless. Consider picking a light blue or tan paint for the walls. Take a tip from the Purdy by Clatyon and choose an accent color to brighten the room.

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A light blue-gray paint is the perfect accent color for a single wall or bookshelf. If you prefer a more subtle paint color, choose a sandy tone that won't overpower the space. The sandy color goes great with white, blue and brown beach decor pieces.

Get Away with Seascape Paintings

Another easy way to work the sea into your home is by using art of the landscape itself! These days, you can find murals of anything from sandy beaches to sail boats.

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Hang a striking piece or a collection of these landscapes on a single wall. Every time you pass by, they will send your mind to a state of paradise.

Stay Afloat with Life Preservers

Nothing says swimming more than an antique life preserver! Hang one on a wall or stand it on the kitchen countertop.

These come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can even customize them with your very own ship (or home) name! Murals, pier portraits, sailboat sculptures and even antique life preservers are great for decorating your home.

Anchor Down

When it comes to beach house decorating, you can't forget the anchors. Anchors keep your boat grounded and will make sure your beach theme is there to stay.

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You can incorporate them in your rug, end table or even art. They come in many sizes, and many have ropes wrapped around them.

Steer into the Ocean

Although harder to find, an antique ship steering wheel adds a great touch to a sea-themed room!

Make it a large focal point of the space by hanging it above the fireplace or on a single wall in the front entryway. This will turn the room into a ship at sea.

Make It Your Own

These are just a few of the ways you can turn your home into an island getaway. Whether you're looking for temporary summer decorating ideas or trying to redecorate your home, you can use these helpful tips to make your home a beachy retreat.




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