4 Tips to Turn Your Shed Into a Workshop

Organize, clean and improve the tool shed to give dad a great workshop space!

We know your shed is housing some rakes, maybe a lawnmower and some old flower pots that you wish your neighbor never gifted to you. Consider helping yourself out by turning that old shed into your personalized workshop! It's not hard to make a DIY shed workshop in a weekend!

Improve The Storage In The Shed

Try taking an old filing cabinet and transforming it into an outdoor tools storage unit! You can customize it by painting on your favorite professional sports team's colors, your name or just "Tools."

In addition, consider adding peg board to the walls in the shed for added hanging storage. You could also install simple wood shelves along the walls so you can store boxes and other tools. These easy, DIY shed workshop projects make a major impact on outdoor equipment organization!

Put In A Sturdy, Flat, Cheap Workbench

You can make a great do it yourself workbench for the occasional handyman by putting an old solid-core door or sizeable sheet of plywood on two collapsible sawhorses

When you don't need the workbench, or need more room for winter storage, you can collapse the bench and prop it against the wall! It's the perfect surface to cut, drill and work on.

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Wire In Lights Or Clip On Your Own

You don't to cut off your fingers or hammer your shirt to anything! Make sure you have a way to prop open the shed door at the very least.

If you can, wire electricity to the shed so you can plug in lights and if not, look for portable shop lights that are battery powered like this one from Lowe's. Hanging utility lights that you can put on hooks or clip onto ledges in your shed workshop also work well.

Install A Small Entertainment Cubby

So maybe you're out in the shed for hours ...make sure you have got a spot for your favorite snacks, drinks and a radio! Put it where you won't get paints, stains, woodchips or oil in the snacks. Consider mounting a cup holder (like the ones you mount in a bathroom) or an additional small shelf away from your workspace.

These tips can help you transform your extra shed space into the work area you've always wanted. When you don't have space in your garage for a workshop, make your shed the perfect place to complete home projects.




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