Decorate Your Dining Room Table for Fall

Dining room table decorated for Thanksgiving

Cooler weather, leaves changing colors and pumpkin spice flavored treats can only mean one thing: Fall has arrived! Now that the season has officially changed, it’s time to change up your home decor. I’m going to share various ways to decorate your dining room table for fall, on a budget.

Fall has a way of inspiring us to decorate our home in more elaborate ways than for other seasons. The colors and textures of fall decor are so rich and give such a warm welcome. With the holidays approaching, many people enjoy having that perfect fall dining room table decor to really set the scene for festive meals. And remember, decorating your dining room table doesn’t have to be expensive. With some creativity and thinking outside the box, you can save money by keeping an eye out at thrift stores, around the house and even in your yard for items that can be repurposed as decorations for your dining room.

Anatomy of Great Dining Table Decor

Kitchen table decor always needs a great base and centerpiece. Excellent fall themed dining room table bases could include a plaid table runner or warm colored tablecloth in shades like marigold or burgundy. Then build on that base by choosing any of the following to build a beautiful harvest centerpiece.

Fabulous Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Fall décor including pumpkins and leaves.

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins don’t have to mean Halloween, and you don’t have to use the real thing to get that fall vibe. Carve out the center of a faux pumpkin to use as a vase to hold fall flowers, leaves, cotton stems or branches collected from your yard. You can also repurpose these pumpkins for Halloween when you’re ready to transition your fall decor to a spookier look.

And if pumpkins aren’t your favorite way to add spice, Indian corn is a great substitute!

2. Old glass bottles and jars

An alternative to using a faux pumpkin as a vase is any type of glass bottle or jar to keep seasonal items in or around. The best part is you probably already have a few lying around the house. Simply wrap several bottles in twine or paint them a warm color that represents the fall season, like orange, red or yellow!

Yellow and red apples in a galvanized metal tray.

3. Apples

Apples are another great way to bring color to a room and they bring fall vibes with them. Put some in a bowl and boom! You’ve got beautiful (and delicious) decor!

Not a fan of apples? If you’re in an area where pinecones are common, or you have some on hand from your local craft store, grab enough to fill a bowl or two and use your pinecone filled bowls as a centerpiece. It’ll be all natural and definitely seasonal.

4. Leaves and branches

You’d be surprised at what you can use from your own backyard, including leaves, branches, acorns, fall flowers like mums and even berries! Just be careful to check your items before taking them inside so you don’t bring in any unwanted bugs or dirt!

As you’re gathering items for your dining room table, you’ll notice that there are countless combinations of shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to mix and match to suit your space and the rest of your fall decor.

Dining room table of a manufactured home decorated with many candle holders.

5. Fall candleholders

For those of you who love using candles throughout your home or to decorate your dining room table, be creative when picking out your candles and candleholders. We recommend using fall scents like apple, pumpkin or cinnamon! You can also mix up the sizes and looks of your candles and candleholders. Try out some metallic and jewel tones to add some dimension to your centerpiece!

The best thing about decorating your home for the different seasons is that you get to make it completely your own! Use these tips as inspiration for your table decor, but remember this is your home, so you get to customize it to your personal taste and style! Want to save these tips and more? Create a favorites account to save your favorite tips, tricks, home models and blogs to help you throughout every part your homeownership journey!

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