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Create Personal Space with a Clayton Flex Space

Need some personal space in your home? Create your own craft area or video game room with a Clayton flex space! Create space with your flex room.

Finding the perfect home that fits your family and budget can be challenging. In the beginning, there may be too much room, or after having kids, you may outgrow your beloved area. This is why Clayton offers a flex space option that can be built into different Clayton homes.


This area can evolve alongside you and your loved ones. The sliding pocket doors add that charm that we all love and makes this space perfect for a room that guests will immediately want to see. At each stage in life, we can always use that one corner of the house that is special to us.

So what all can this room become? Well if you do not have children yet, or even if you do, use this area for yourself!

Manufactured Home Flex Room Options

  • A workout room
  • A craft room
  • A man cave
  • A game room
  • A study room
  • A home office

A workout room, craft room or a game room (for yourself or the kids!) are all great ideas to make this a place you can come home and relax in. If your version of stress relief involves reading, make this a soothing spot you could curl up in and get lost in your favorite novel for a few hours.

When you find out you are expecting a little bundle of joy and have to ditch the workout equipment for a crib and changing table, a flex space is perfect. Opt to have this room in between the primary bedroom and the living room and then the baby’s room is easy to get to from multiple points in your house.

Go with a wooden barn door so that it matches with that pallet wall you have been wanting to build in your nursery.

For those of us who need that one area to throw all the toys in when company comes over, use this as the playroom. Slide those doors closed and the in-laws will think you always keep your home spotless.

As the kids get older, turn your mobile home's flex room into a study where homework can be finished without any distractions. Something a little more fun may be a movie area or a transformation back into a game room for them to hang out in when friends come over is also a great use of this space.

If you’re an empty nester, utilize this space to scrapbook all the fun memories of your kids growing up. Not in to scrapbooking? We can all use a little extra storage space for the random stuff we accumulate over the year or use it as an office space.

Whatever you decide to use your mobile home flex space for, make it special to you. We all need that escape area, the flex space is the perfect opportunity for you to have yours! Visit your local Clayton home center today and be sure to ask if a flex space can be added to your favorite floor plan.

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