Introducing a New Class of Homes – Clayton Built® Style

A Clayton Built® home like never before – find out what Clayton has up their sleeve next with a new class of homes.

When you think of a Clayton Built® home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some it might be the sustainable products and a quality building process. For others, a Clayton Built® home brings you back to a simpler time when waiting for grandma’s cookies was the most of your worries.

Regardless of where a Clayton home resonates in your mind, you’ve always known that Clayton has dedicated their vision to NEVER stop moving forward… And this project is no exception.

The Clayton team is excited to announce a new class of homes that will change the game for Clayton Built® homes, and homeowners, as you know it. So, what makes them so different? Allow me to explain!

The Building Process

New Class Home Construction


When it comes to this new class of homes, there are a lot of things that make its building process special, but not completely new. These homes blend the best of both off-site and on-site construction processes.

An off-site AND on site-built home. What? How? Is this even possible?

I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy! But, this building process allows homebuyers to have the features and amenities that an on-site built home provides while getting the time and price advantages you get from off-site built housing.

What Makes These Homes Different?

Couple standing in a Clayton Built® home kitchen with their dog.

With this new class of homes, you get everything you love in a standard Clayton Built® homes plus some. Some features you can find in these homes include: • Permanent foundation • Garage or carport • Upgraded cabinets • Drywall interiors • Energy efficient standards and features • Elevated roof pitch

How Will This Change the Game?

Outside of a Clayton Built® home neighborhood with green grass.

Now, this is my favorite question to answer because this is what makes this new class of homes truly incredible. For the first time in the off-site built housing history, this new class of homes will potentially be able to appraise similar to your traditional site-built home.

Wait, WHAT? That’s right! By meeting updated aesthetic requirements and keeping with HUD code, homeowners in the new class of homes have the potential to see an increase in property value, like a traditional site-built home.

Want to learn more about this new class of homes? Or maybe you’re confused and just want to clarify what these awesome homes are all about… That’s why you should check out this handy dandy video that will show the true magic in these homes.

New Class Explainer Video


Whether it’s one of our beautiful new class of homes, or another one of our amazing Clayton Built® housing options… Clayton strives to have exactly what you need for you and your family, all you have to do is let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

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