Clayton Introduces the NEW Home Previewer® App!

Check out Clayton's Home Previewer® app to see what your new home will look like on your land before it's delivered!

With Home Previewer®, an app by Clayton available for download that is compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, you can now envision your home in different locations. Have you ever wondered what a Clayton Built® home would look like on your land before it’s built? Now you can see just that with Clayton’s mobile app!

How the App Works

Once you download Home Previewer® from the App Store® and launch the app, start by setting up your device’s location. The app asks you to face north and hold it level so that it can be calibrated.

Then, you can choose from a few different manufactured and modular home options to preview. There are home options with varying exteriors, front porch sizes, roof pitches and colors.

Once you pick a home, the Home Previewer® will help you envision what it will look like wherever you’re standing.

Using Home Previewer® to Envision A Home on Your Land

With the Home Previewer®, you can visualize one of the home style options on the app on your land or another location. Do you want to see what a home would look like at your favorite vacation spot? Do you have land in mind for your home and want to see what a view out of the front window might look like? You can create a preview of a Clayton home at various locations.

Before you settle on a location for your home, however, talk to your local home center as not all land is suitable for home placement. Ask your retailer about site installation requirements.

You can also turn the home and view different home placement options. Once you’re ready, hit the drop button to lock the home in place.

Once you’ve placed the home, you can save the preview to your phone so you have a picture without the grid or app icons by clicking the camera button.

Then you can share the beautiful preview with your friends and family!

Now you can explore! As you walk closer to the home, you get the virtual experience of what it would be like to have a home placed at that location. With your phone in hand, taking steps toward the virtual home makes the home grow larger for an even more enhanced virtual experience.

You can turn to see what a view from the side of the home would look like or even see what a view would look like from the front porch.

From inside the home, you can see what the view out the back windows, front windows and any side windows would look like. You get to visually preview living on that spot.

View out the front window of home

We previewed what a home would look like if it was able to be built along the Tennessee River. What a beautiful sight!

View from inside the home

View from inside the home

We also previewed what a modular home would look like nestled into a neighborhood in Georgia. It looks gorgeous!

Where would you put your Clayton Built® home? Download the Home Previewer® today and get a sneak peek at the gorgeous views you could have from the comfort of your very own slice of the world you call home.

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