Breakneck Builds – Clayton Off-site Built Homes

We made it! Clayton was recently featured in 6 episodes of the show “Breakneck Builds.”

About Breakneck Builds

The show follows families who have chosen off-site built homes and documents their journey through the home building process from home building facility to home delivery. The show emphasizes the speed, affordability and ingenuity behind off-site built housing. It also shows why it is a good solution for the families being featured.

“Breakneck Builds” does an excellent job highlighting the benefits of off-site built housing while being transparent about the processes used to complete the homes. It’s great to see the positive impact off-site built housing is able to have on the families involved!

An Excited New Modular Homeowner

One episode features a Clayton home buyer named John who lost his previous home due to a fire.

John was relocated temporarily to the city and living in an apartment. Thanks to the speed and affordability of off-site built construction, John was able to re-build on his former home site in the mountains quickly and efficiently.

When asked what he thought about his new home, John said “[It’s] beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”

The home was built at our home building facility in Albuquerque, NM and transported to John’s property in Colorado. The home features upgraded appliances, a programmable thermostat, Breccia countertops, all-wood kitchen cabinets, a walk-in master shower and ceramic floor tiling.

John’s home is just one of many to be featured on the show. A couple named Roger and Jamie also bought a Clayton Built® home and loved the process!

Check your local listings and tune in to get a glimpse into the amazing world of modern-day modular construction. Maybe modular housing will be the perfect fit for you too.

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