Do Clayton Built® Homes Come Furnished?

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Wondering if manufactured homes come furnished? Are they fully furnished? Learn more about Clayton’s furniture packages and sales.

Depending on both the home you purchase and the retailer or home center from whom you purchase your home, your new home could be furnished. If you purchase a new, furnished manufactured home, the price of the furniture and décor will be worked into your total new home purchase price.*

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Ever walk through a home that is so perfectly staged you can actually see yourself sitting on the couch in there? Well your daydream could possibly become a reality…

How are manufactured homes furnished?

At many manufactured home retailers, you’ll often see display models that are filled with furniture, art and accessories. This is to help home buyers like you envision what it could be like to live in one of the homes.

These decorated display models are the furnished homes for sale at your local retailer.

Even if you see furnished manufactured homes at your local home center, the home may or may not be fully furnished. It’s possible only certain homes will only have a few rooms completely furnished. Some models might have only the kitchen and living room areas decorated, while others might have decorated bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Furnished New Home Options

At your local Clayton Homes retailer, furniture packages may be available with multiple model homes, but the furnishings may vary from home to home.

Some home centers simply do not decorate display models, so there may not be any fully furnished homes for sale. It all depends on the home center.

Perks of an Already Furnished Home

Do you struggle to find those perfect pieces of furniture to accent a room? We get it! When shopping our gorgeous homes, it’s easy to fall in love with a home… then you’re spending more time trying to find all the right furniture to style it. Sometimes, buying an already furnished home can just make life so much easier when you can get that gorgeous furniture and décor included in the package.

Even better, home centers sometimes bring in designers to decorate the homes with the latest styles, so you could get a trendy, already furnished home that you’ll love to show off!

Furnished manufactured homes are also a great new home option for people who are relocating across the country and do not want to transport large furniture and all their décor.

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Of course, buying a fully furnished manufactured home may not be the right fit for everyone. All our home centers have home models available that do not come already furnished, which can be a great option for you if you already have your favorite furniture and home décor picked out. When you visit your local home center, you’ll be able to choose from furnished and unfurnished home models that are already set up.

You'll also be able to browse home models that haven’t been built yet. Regardless of your preference, home consultants at your local home center are ready to help you find the home of your dreams and help you make it your own!

*Home buyers cannot finance furnished home packages with government loans and available furnishings must be purchased separately.

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