How to Use Trending Paint Colors in Your Manufactured Home

Check out how you can use trending paint colors in your manufactured home!

Painting the interior of your home can seem like a daunting project. If you’ve done it before, you know what it’s like to spend weeks buried in paint chips and samples, matching fabrics and trying to find popular paint colors that work in your home.

When painting their home, many people tend to use a more neutral palette. This can be a great option for many homes, but it can also be fun to use trending colors in your home as well.

From Pantone’s Greenery of 2017 and Ultra Violet of 2018 to Sherwin Williams’s Poised Taupe of 2017 and Oceanside of 2018, these pros are great at giving us colors to work with every year. Sherwin Williams has already announced “Cavern Clay” as their Color of the Year and Pantone is set to announce theirs in December!

Now, don’t panic. I’m not suggesting you slather the “Color of the Year” on every wall of your home every time it changes. But there are ways to use the colors that bring joy to you and your home without going overboard.

Think Small!

Painting is one area where “go big or go home!” does NOT apply. You want your home to be a place of refuge, not one that stresses you out every time you walk in a room. So, if you love an on-trend color, but can’t see yourself covering your walls with it, try painting the inside shelves and walls of a cabinet, or a small alcove like a breakfast nook. This gives your home a piece of the color you are craving right now, with a little less commitment.

Utilize a Feature Wall

A feature wall, sometimes called an accent wall, is a great way to use a trendy, fun color. This method involves choosing one wall in a room and painting only that wall in the accent color. In most cases, feature walls go really well on a wall with a focal point, such as an entertainment center.

Talk to the Pros

When you go to purchase your paint, talk with an employee. They are often willing to help with all your design questions. It’s also likely that they are an expert on popular paint colors! Give them an idea of what you’re looking for and what your style is and they can probably point you in the right direction.

The Clayton Lulamae Farmhouse Style Home

Think About Your Home Décor Style

Your home décor taste has a lot to do with color. You may have a modern style with jewel tones sprinkled throughout, a farmhouse style with soft neutrals or a bohemian style that utilizes natural earth tones. Whatever style you choose, there’s lots of options when it comes to paint. You just have to find the right one!

Don’t Force It

Something that every homeowner should accept is that your home style doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. If the color of the year or a trendy color doesn’t speak to you or feel like a good fit in your home, move on to another option. Color gives you endless possibilities, there is something for everyone! Plus, if we had a dollar for every trend that didn’t work for us, we’d have enough money to paint our whole house!

Using Sherwin-Williams’s Cavern Clay in Your Home This Year

This year, Sherwin-Williams has announced Cavern Clay as the 2019 Color of the Year. This gorgeous burnt orange color makes a bold statement while fitting perfectly in any nature-inspired color palette.

Here are a few ways to fit Cavern Clay into your home décor this year:

  • Pair it with textures like worn-in leather and rustic wood.
  • Give your home a southwestern inspired vibe by embracing stucco walls and features, adding woven textiles like rugs and blankets and using mosaic tiles for backsplash or accents.

On-trend colors can fit into your homes in lots of different ways, especially with paint! Have fun finding ways to incorporate them into your home this year.


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