5 Tips for Decorating Around Big Screens

Check out this post collaboration between Seatup and the Clayton Blog to learn how to decorate around big screens.

Whether it’s a living room media wall or an elaborate home theater setup, the big screen has become a crucial part of our lives. TV is the most universal form of entertainment – children love to enjoy cartoons and superhero movies, while adults love to browse through channels in their free time.

However, no matter the setting, the screen is typically the focal point of a room. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find some inspiration on how you can effectively decorate around the TV – especially if you are an interior design buff. That’s why, as part of the team at Seatup, I’ve teamed up with the Clayton Blog to bring you 5 tips you can use to enhance the placement of your big screen to make your dream home even better.

The Sconce Effect

The ‘sconce effect’ is basically an alternative way to use beautiful wall light fixtures to frame your TV. Big screens are usually mounted on a feature wall, and they tend to take up a lot of space. This typically leaves very little room to add decorations.

In such a case, going for a stunning wall light display that illuminates with accent lighting can be the best course of action. Affix two matching light fixtures, one on either side of your screen, in order to get a nice decorative effect.

This décor element can be customized according to your running interior design theme. If your room is modern, then the wall lights can be simple and minimal. But if it is traditional or neo-classical, then you can choose a grander design.

Octane Seating by Seatup

Customized Media Walls

Media walls have become the most common way to highlight TV screens. They are customized in design, and they can be built according to any interior design style you want. They usually take up an entire feature wall and come with some built-in shelving units and drawers.

2460 Vintage Premier 6832 Plan

The materials and decorative pieces you use on the media wall can be a great way to accentuate your big screen and show off your style without it seeming out of context. All of that can add a lot of visual value to your existing space. Here’s a list of 6 Clayton entertainment center options for your manufactured home. Check with your local home center to see available options.

Recessed Lights & Comfy Cushions

Recessed lights or cove lights are an elegant yet understated way to decorate around your big screen. Cove lights are an elegant way to add lighting to your home in a very subtle and non-intrusive way.

You can create your own cove lighting in your home to make your family room the perfect entertainment space. Use woodwork to create small niches in your walls or ceiling for a LED strip. You can also use them in lieu of dimmers to create the perfect lighting in your manufactured home.

81CHN30683AH by Clayton Middlebury

Comfortable floor and couch cushions are an absolute necessity. They are the most effective way to introduce an element of coziness and comfort within a space. You can also use unique patterns and colors to add decorative value to your interior design and bring out more of your personal style. The combination of these cushions with the recessed lighting is a great way to create a glamorous and snug atmosphere around your big screen.

Shelves for Your Surround Sound

A great functional way to decorate around your big screen is to design customized shelving for your accompanying surround sound system. Most people tend to overlook this element while trying to accommodate their big screens and usually have to suffer through a lot of tangled wiring and displaced equipment before deciding to invest in proper shelving.

The Spruce by Clayton Rockwell

So, if you’re looking for an efficient and functional way to decorate around your big screen, make sure to invest in visually pleasing shelves for surround sound equipment.

The Minimalistic Approach

The ‘minimalist approach’ is all about using the most understated ways to carry out your decorations. The aim here is to avoid visual loudness and go for the plainest and simplest design tactic. For this approach, you can use either paint, matte textured laminates or even customized wallpapers to create a beautiful backdrop for your big screen. This tip is mostly material oriented, and it will work best if you know your colors and textures well.

The Shasta by Clayton Buckeye

Over the years, the big screen has become an important part of our homes as we enjoy entertainment with our family and friends, and we hope these tips help you find the perfect idea for decorating around it.




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