4 Ways To Use Books To Decorate In Your Manufactured Home

Four ways to decorate with books in your home and use books in your living room to give your own unique flair and style! Use books to add a classic design.

Books are magic! Who doesn't want a little magic in each room? Books are also useful tools for decorating your space and expressing your personality.

Here are four easy ways to decorate with books!

1. Layering and Accents

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Books make subtle yet beautiful layering tools. They work espically well on end tables, coffee tables, nightstands and desks!

  • Choose books that coordinate with the color scheme and the feel of your room.
  • Add a stack of books in your end tables to fill the void.
  • Place thin, beautiful books on your coffee table for guests to read.
  • If you need your lamp a few inches taller on a nightstand or desk, place a decorative book underneath.

2. Wall Art

bookshelf pic 2

This is the most obvious way to display books: on a bookshelf. To create something a little different and add striking visual interest, organize your books and accessories with purpose.

  • Categorize your books by color.
  • Line them up on a thin shelf facing front.
  • Add art, holiday decoratings, and nick nacks from your travels to fill in spaces.

3. Book Nook

Fieldstown Crossing Harris Doyle Model Home-76

Book nooks are great opportunities to create peaceful moments in your space. Read and relax with a cup of coffee on a comfy seat in a customized book nook you build in your home!

Find a lonely space or corner in your house, set up a couple of book shelves, add a comfy chair, and maybe a throw pillow. Or convert a closet into a book nook. Not everyone has a spare closet, but if you do, perhaps a book nook is just what you need!

Create a smaller version in your kitchen for cook books or a themed book nook for a children’s room. Check out Pinterest for some more fun book nook ideas.

4. Stacks

56VSN28563AH LivingRoom 05

Possibly the easiest and most minimal options for decorating with books. Build vertical stacks of books strategically along a wall, underneath tables, or near your seating area.

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This option makes the most sense on a budget, just make sure to keep books out of walkways. Do you love finding ways to decorate with multipurpose pieces like books? Then check out our Pinterest page and keep adding personal flair to your dream home.




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