Our strength is our people… we attract those who make us better.

We know our team members are our greatest investment. That’s why we continue to enhance their work environment and create a place where they are encouraged to keep growing.

Innovation in Work Spaces

Home Office

Every Clayton team member has their own perspective and strengths to add to our company. At Clayton, we want to capitalize on this by providing each person with the tools to succeed.

In 2019, we completed our state-of-the-art design center for the design team staff. Interior designers, architects, engineers and rendering specialists work with home building facilities to create unique home designs to fit every style.

Clayton broke ground this year on renovations to our home office. Team members will have the ability to work anywhere in our home office with our new mobile work spaces, along with more opportunities to work from home. These new upgrades will create a more modern space, because we truly believe Clayton is more than just a place to work.

You can crash here

This year, the Clayton Tech team launched a new in-house Tech Bar. It’s a place where team members can have all their technology questions answered and frustrations resolved with help from one of our own tech professionals. Along with the Tech Bar, a new vending machine gives team members easy access to smaller tech supplies such as keyboards and adapters.

Building Facilities

We continued to update our building facilities this year, completing updates to the TRU® White Pine facility that include new offices, meeting spaces and a more modern cafeteria for our team members.

“Each Clayton team member helps strengthen our company's culture, and we believe everyone should feel like they can be the truest version of themselves at work. Everyone should feel like they have an equal voice or a seat at the table, because we value the differences of our team members and the experiences they bring.”
- Kevin Clayton

Let’s Talk

Our team of wellness professionals do more than just promote physical health, they also encourage emotional and mental well-being. This year, the Clayton Wellness team launched its Let’s Talk initiative, taking steps to help start the conversation at work about mental health. This ongoing initiative will focus on education and support for all team members.  

Innovation Challenge

Our team members are full of new ideas that keep us moving forward. We hosted our first Innovation Challenge to encourage team members to think outside of the box. Each team researched and presented ideas on what they believe should be our company’s next big concept.


Our Ignite team facilitates personal and career development workshops each quarter for everyone from new team members to company leaders. The catalog of courses is always expanding to offer more resources and options. In 2019, we launched team building classes along with new emotional intelligence courses for individuals.

CX Focus

Creating a more seamless home buying process begins with understanding our customers. Team members across the company participated in an interactive training course, focused on gaining perspective of our customers’ experiences.

Design Forward


CrossMod™ homes are pushing the off-site housing industry forward not just in practical ways but in design, too. The homes feature several design elements including a garage, carport, or covered porch. They also have enhanced cabinets, drywall interiors and energy efficient features. CrossMod™ homes are a design-forward option that bridge the gap between off-site and site-built homes.

Design at Our Fingertips

The home office grew last year by another 5,000 sq. ft. square feet. Our new state-of-the-art design center boasts virtual reality technology, allowing our production, design and sales teams to walk through homes before they’re built. Virtual renderings of proposed homes allow team members to make improvements before a new home ever hits production.

Floor Plans

Our designers are always looking for ways to incorporate trends our customers are looking for, especially when it comes to a home’s layout. Designers have honed in on open floor plans with flex spaces to meet a family’s needs along with large gathering spaces that are also functional.


Styles change and we have a team to make sure we stay ahead of them. Our homes offer optional built-in features such as storage and large islands, while including style-forward options like bright colored cabinets. Incorporating technology, like outlets built into the kitchen island and smart thermostats in every new Clayton Built® home, provides both modern style and functionality.

We encourage innovation…try a lot of stuff; keep what works.

At Clayton we continue to explore new technology that assists team members in our building facilities. While automation is in our future, we believe your home will always need a personal touch.


Robotic innovations help assist our team members, making their job safer and more ergonomic.  

Remote Controlled Axle Cart

Eases labor-intensive material transport by allowing one person to move the axles into place under the home.

Laser Projection

Used as measuring devices, projected lasers show print plans on the floor so team members know exactly where to make the cuts and set walls.


Robotic assistants help to eliminate strain on our team members during repetitive actions.

Moving to Music City

Clayton Supply® Westmoreland is a tangible continuation of our vision to adapt innovations in the off-site housing industry for on-site building methods.

Keith Holdbrooks

President of Clayton Home Building Group

Clayton Supply® entered the Nashville market in 2019 with a new truss and wall panel manufacturing facility. Clayton Supply is investing more than $14 million dollars in renovations for the 130,000 sq. ft. facility, bringing it up to modern manufacturing standards with new, automated equipment.

The facility will manufacture wall panels and trusses for our site-built home builders and is expected to begin production in 2020.

Manufactured Housing Site Construction (Installation) Training

The future of off-site built housing lies with the next generation, and that’s why we’re investing in college students. We assisted Beville State Community College in Hamilton, AL., this year to launch a class that teaches students about home installation and off-site built housing. In the future, the course will be part of a two-year degree program in off-site built housing. This class will roll out to Roane State Community College in Knoxville, TN, at the beginning of 2020 as well.

Clayton Supply®

Clayton Supply, our internal supply chain management system, creates millions of items each year, while also purchasing materials from other suppliers to ensure our homes are built with quality in mind. Our vertical integration allows us to focus on both quality control and value for our customers as we continue to expand our production.

Cabinets Sold
Windows Built
Miles of Electrical Wire
Pieces of Lumber
Square Footage of Carpet
Sinks Purchased

DuraCraft® Plus

New water-repellent materials upped the game this year for our cabinetry, and these products are available exclusively to Clayton home building facilities.

Lux Windows™

In 2019, Clayton Home Building Group® created a window brand exclusive to Clayton Built® homes: Lux Windows. This vertical integration allows us to produce a quality product at an affordable price that benefits our customers. Lux Windows are designed to be energy efficient, are made of durable insulated vinyl and are offered to our customers in several design options.

Clayton Connect®

  • 200 Team Members

  • More than 2 million miles in 2019

Clayton Connect® team members transport homes from building facilities to home centers and sometimes home sites, helping make the delivery process as seamless as possible.

Clayton Connect® grew again in 2019, adding a transportation hub in North Carolina. There are plans to continue its expansion in 2020. Clayton Connect® currently has terminals in Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama.    


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