Annual Review

A Message from Kevin Clayton

At Clayton, we take very seriously our company purpose of “opening doors to a better life.” Our passion is more than just home building — it’s about making the world a better place for our team members, customers, communities and future generations.  Our 18,000+ team members are all united around a common goal: to provide the opportunity of homeownership to all who seek it.

Our diverse building processes help make the dream of homeownership a reality for more people. For example, this year we helped innovate a new category of home, the CrossMod™. Blending the best of off-site and on-site construction processes, this new class of home can now finance and appraise similarly to traditional site-built housing, resulting in more affordable homes to help homeowners build equity.  

Our greatest assets are our team members, and we are committed to continually improving their lives. Whether investing in leadership initiatives, or improving our facilities, we believe the only way you can create a world-class customer experience is by first creating a world-class team member experience. This has resulted in our teams delivering on an extraordinary customer experience, with over 20% of home purchases now coming from referrals.

Whether it’s providing more innovative housing options, improving our team member and customer experiences, or reducing our impact on the environment, we are eager to help leave the world a better place than we found it. As we reflect on the past year, please enjoy an inside look at how our teams work together to make homeownership more attainable for individuals and families across the country.

Kevin Clayton
Chief Executive Officer

2019 in Review

At Clayton, our true passion is to give homeowners more than just a house, but a home to call their own by moving toward a more innovative and sustainable building process. Over the last year, our team members worked relentlessly to achieve that goal. Join us in reflecting on our 2019 achievements and what we’re looking forward to in 2020.  

  • We’re passionate about being the best housing company
  • Our strength is our people… we attract those who make us better.
  • We strive to be extraordinary at every customer touchpoint, creating raving fans.
  • We’re engaged team members who act as owners and take results personally.
  • We encourage innovation… try a lot of stuff; keep what works.
  • We manage cost to invest in profitable top-line growth.
  • We uphold our integrity and reputation above all else.
  • We will leave the company and the world better than we found them.

By the Numbers

This year our team members helped more than 51,000 families across the country achieve homeownership.

Total homes sold
New insurance policies sold
Loans originated


National average sale price of site-built homes


Clayton's average sale price of site-built homes


Clayton's average sale price of an off-site built home, without land

We’re passionate about being a leader in the housing industry.

A New Category of Homes: CrossMod™


For the first time in manufactured housing industry history, a new category of homes is combining the best features of off-site with features more like site-built housing, making homeownership attainable for even more families.


CrossMod™ homes feature: a permanent foundation, elevated roof pitch, drywall interiors, and porch, garage or carport.


The most revolutionary aspect of CrossMod™ homes is how they can finance and appraise similarly to site-built homes, providing more financing options to customers.

Living the CrossMod™ Life

A Clayton neighborhood in Knoxville features a mixture of CrossMod™, site-built and off-site built homes. This neighborhood demonstrates how the new category of homes can change industry perceptions and shows how our homes continue to evolve to meet America’s housing needs.

The first exclusive CrossMod™ neighborhood broke ground in 2019 just outside of Nashville. There will be 15 homes built during the first phase, with 39 total homes planned for the neighborhood.

CrossMod™ is a trademark of the Manufactured Housing Institute.

CrossMod™ Features

The CrossMod™ class of homes offers features typically associated with site-built housing.

  • Permanent Foundation

  • Elevated Roof Pitch

  • Covered Porch/ Garage/ Carport

  • Drywall Interiors

  • Enhanced Cabinets

  • Energy Efficient Standards

Expanding Options

In 2019, our financing company expanded options for Clayton homeowners to provide more flexibility and the benefits of traditional mortgages to buyers of CrossMod™ homes. Buyers who qualify for MH Advantage and CHOICEHomeSM financing can obtain interest rates and monthly payments that may be lower than typical manufactured housing financing. We are also beginning to partner with on-site builders to provide expanded financing options to their home buyers.

Through our financing companies, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., also doing business as Silverton Mortgage, and  21st Mortgage Inc.  we helped 42,806 families purchase a home in 2019.  

HomeFirst® Insurance Agency

HomeFirst® Insurance Agency is now an agency for several additional insurance carriers, adding to the variety of insurers and insurance products available to customers. Along with manufactured home insurance, new available coverages include site-built homeowners, rental, auto, term life insurance and more.

We strive to be extraordinary at every customer touchpoint, creating raving fans.


To challenge perceptions, the Clayton team created a marketing campaign to paint a picture of how Prefabulous® homes push the boundaries and offer beautiful, attainable homes for more people.

Prefabulous® became more than a campaign. It’s changing the way people think about the off-site housing industry, starting with our customers.

39 million households

Reached across 159 DMA's

23% increase

in website traffic compared to last year's national campaign

2 million more visitors compared to 2017
This campaign helped drive a new

aspirational audience

to our website

Welcome Home

This year, 22,356 families entered a new stage of their lives by purchasing a home from a Clayton Homes family of brands retail center. Our home consultants have the unique opportunity to help them make that important purchase and be the first to say, Welcome Home.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Innovative Sales Consultant

Goodall Homes®, part of Clayton Properties Group®, welcomed a new kind of team member in 2019 - the innovative sales consultants. Robotic sales consultants can now give home tours and show virtual floor plans to customers without a sales consultant physically being in the home with them.

“We’re excited for how the innovative sales consultants can not only help our customers when a sales member can’t be at a model home, but also exploring new ways it can provide assistance for our sales team.”

- Chris O’Neal, Chief Business Development Officer


We made home tours more accessible for our customers this year with our new HomeTouch® interactive software. The touchscreen technology allows buyers to virtually tour floor plans, browse photos and learn more about our building process while at our home centers.

Clayton Unbuilt®

This interactive tool allows customers to deconstruct a home to learn about the features and materials we use. Potential buyers can explore our homes from the outside in, including everything from insulation and roof systems down to the steel foundation and anchoring systems including pier and beam.

Discover Clayton Unbuilt >

Interactive Facility Tour

Building inside means more quality control and fewer delays. The Interactive Facility Tour takes customers inside the process so they can see how new homes are built before they leave our advanced, climate-controlled facility.

Explore Our Facilities >


In September 2019, Clayton Home Building Group® welcomed more than 200 top-performing independent retail partners to ELEVATE. The housing industry-focused conference features keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussions and more on everything from consumer trends to digital marketing.

Site-Built Housing

Clayton Properties Group®

With the average price of new homes increasing, our site-built brand partners continue to expand opportunities to make quality homeownership possible for more people, even if you’re buying a home for the first time.

Nest Homes by Harris Doyle®

Nest Homes by Harris Doyle is a new line of homes starting in the mid-$200,000s, designed with style, simplicity and affordability in mind. The collection provides a new construction housing option to the Birmingham, AL., and Auburn, AL., areas at an affordable price, placing them within the reach of many first-time home buyers and current homeowners alike.

American Dream by Chafin®

Chafin’s new American Dream line of floor plans focuses on cost effective features without sacrificing quality, functionality or style. Two communities in Georgia will offer a resort style swim community, with single-family homes starting at $215,000.

Growing the Clayton Properties Group® Family

Highland Homes

We continued to expand our footprint in the site-built industry this year. Award-winning Central Florida builder Highland Homes was the ninth home builder to join the properties group.  

Shugart Homes

In July, Shugart Homes of the North Carolina Triad joined Mungo Homes® expanding the site-builder’s reach in North Carolina. Shugart Homes has more than 50 years of home construction experience with strong company values that focus on innovative building and design, and community reinvestment.

Elite Homes

Arbor Homes™ acquired Elite Homes at the end of October, adding them to the Clayton family. The acquisition expands Arbor Homes footprint into the Louisville, KY, area.


BIMaire, a company that uses cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experiences, joined us in the spring of 2019. Its services include interactive floorplans, renderings and virtual model experiences.


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