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You didn’t just build us a home, you built somewhere for my kids to sleep at night...

“I just wanted to email you and tell you thank you for inviting me this morning! I am very happy that I got to say thank you to all the men & women that put so much time and effort into making a home for me and my girls. Without you all I wouldn’t have the home where my 11 year old is proud to say “I can have my friends stay the night” or where I can hear the pitter patter of my 2-year-old’s feet coming down the hallway. This isn’t just to thank the workers for the hard work they put in, but also the office because without y’all guiding them it wouldn’t have been possible! So from the bottom of my heart thank you and EVERYONE Clayton Homes for my beautiful home! You didn’t just build us a home, you built somewhere for my kids to sleep at night, for Santa to come to, and for friends to come play. Thank you all so very much!”

Mary, Waco, TX

Your staff at Clayton, as well as the vendors, are spot-on with everything.

Miss Angie,

As you know, my husband and I recently bought a Platinum Home with Clayton Homes in Gulfport. I would like to briefly show you my gratitude for everything you and your incredible staff did to make our home buying experience as painless, quick, and fun as possible. Your staff at Clayton, as well as the vendors, are spot-on with everything. From greeting us the moment we walked into the office door to having the repairs on the house proficiently and promptly completed, and everything in between, the experience was better than imaginable. Your team, again, made our dreams come true and we LOVE our new home. I cannot imagine turning to anyone else in the future for a home-buying experience; Clayton Homes of Gulfport, as a group, will definitely be our number one choice and recommendation to everyone we know looking for a new home.

As I have stated, I really am impressed with the prompt, friendly, helpful, and overall incredible service we received from Clayton Homes in Gulfport. I noticed the other day a job posting for a Sales Representative at your location. I am very interested in being a part of your amazing team there at Clayton, if you would give me the chance. I do not have home sales experience, however I do have five years of customer service and other sales experience. I believe I would be a great attribute to the team, and would thoroughly enjoy working with the great group of people you have formed as a team. I have attached my resume, in hopes that I will be of a match to what you're looking for.

Once again, thank you for everything!


Alivia R., Gulfport, MS

His home survived a strong F1 tornado. His home was caught in the corner of that tornado.

A homeowner contacted me this morning because of a no contact letter I had sent to him after not being able to get in touch with him to know if he had any service left to be done on the home. His numbers had been changed, and he had not called to change them. He said he had no service left to do on the home, but wanted to give Props to our company. His home survived a strong F1 tornado. His home was caught in the corner of that tornado.

Robert W. purchased his home last year from Johnson Mobile Homes and when the tornado went through Hattiesburg a few weeks ago. He and his family were inside their mobile home when it came through. He said there was damage to the shingles, cracks throughout the home because the home was shaking fiercely, but the home is still there and on the foundation. He said that everyone that has looked at his home says the same thing, “How is that home still standing?”

He gave Glory to God first for saving his life, but also gave kudos to Southern Estates for building him a good home!! Robert says, “Thanks so much to you all!” He is supposed to send me pictures of his home and when I receive them, I will pass them on.

This story was too good not to pass along.

Elana Martin, Service Coordinator for Southern Estates

We Were Completely Amazed. It was easy.

Chris Watson - HomeownerWe've been there a little less than a year, and they still call me once a month making sure everything is OK, making sure I'm happy. We were completely amazed. Everything was exactly the way we wanted it. It was easy, they just made it so easy.

Chris Watson

We've got everything we wanted.

Danny & Tracie Calfee - Homeowner

Danny & Tracie Calfee

Kelly Hurst - Homeowner

Kelly Hurst

Matt & Morgan Jones - Homeowner

Matt & Morgan Jones

Veit & Cheryl Pogner - Homeowner

Veit & Cheryl Pogner

Everything that Jim Martin promised, he delivered and/or exceeded.

We bought an Oakwood home for our daughter's family in Boise, Idaho from Jim Martin. His honesty, knowledge and commitment made the entire process smooth and timely, with no compromises. He represents Oakwood Homes and Clayton Homes in a truly committed and professional manner. You are lucky to have someone like Jim.

Rodney Roberson

Thank you very much for taking the time to advise us of your experience with our Home Center. This type of customer feedback allows us to continue to improve our customer's home buying experience. Again, we thank you for contacting Clayton Homes.

Pam McCullough - Executive Administrative Assistant, Clayton Homes

Pam, I am glad to help out companies that still practice the things that made our country great. I believe in Clayton Homes and enjoy telling everyone about the experience, the quality of the home and the value for expenditure. In fact, we're interested in purchasing another home for our son and daughter-in-law in New Jersey. Thank you!

Rodney Roberson

Jacqueline Matthews

Jesse Del Valle

Robert L. Payne

We are continually amazed how you provided us with service after the sale.

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your continued customer support! Our salesman was very knowledgeable and always had ideas that he presented to us in order for us to get the most for our money. We are continually amazed how you provided us with service after the sale. The thing that amazes us most is the fact that this support has continued for five years!

Three of our neighbors have bought homes from other dealers and are shocked to hear that we are still getting support. This is a reputable company and a dealer we highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing a new home.

Chris and Kathy S.

John V.

The delivery of our new home has exceeded our wildest imagination.

As my husband and I prepared for our retirement, we decided to move back to my hometown. My family owned land there and we thought it would be an excellent idea to build a home. We had never thought about purchasing a modular home.

We were just out for a ride one day and stopped into Clayton Homes in Statesville, NC. Because of the knowledge of the product and the patience in answering all of our questions, my husband and I decided to purchase our home from this home center.

The delivery of our new home has exceeded our wildest imagination. We have purchased many homes in our lifetime, but this is the first that we felt the need to express our gratitude for the wonderful experience. Without a doubt, the Clayton team has made the leap into retirement a pleasurable memory for both of us!

Remon and Iris H.

A wholehearted endorsement.

I chose Clayton Homes for two reasons. The main reason was that I trusted the Clayton team. They didn’t make me feel like a nobody because of my credit score. They were right there with me every step of the way. If any walls came up, they didn’t leave me to climb them myself. We were really in it together.

The second reason is that I felt right at home. The atmosphere in the dealership reminded me of my Mom’s house — a place I could trust, feel safe and receive tough love when it was needed.

I have been in my home for two months now and they have continued to check on me. I just wanted to commend you again on the wonderful staff here. Sandersville, Georgia may be a small town, but the Clatyon staff members have the biggest hearts. I thank them for putting their whole heart into helping me purchase my first home. I am very happy.

Rosetta K.

Our Clayton Home is wonderful – and it’s beautiful and well-built.

In the last four years, I have lost an infant son, a husband to cancer and my home in an appliance-related fire. My teen daughter and I were left with nothing and, like for many homeowners, the insurance covered the mortgage but left little to rebuild our home and to replace the necessities of life.

The reality of being suddenly homeless is devastating. I had a choice: to take what I could get after paying off my gutted home and rent something or to buy something small and inadequate. Then I found another option: Clayton Homes. I chose to deal with the Clayton sales center in Dunn, NC. The staff there is awesome. We are now all "family."

Our Clayton Home is wonderful – and it’s beautiful and well-built. I’d stack my home up against stick-built anytime.

Sandy W.

Johnny and Kimberly Tillman

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